2017 lasts like two minutes, seriously. Especially last three months. I exactly remember the day when I came to Aberystwyth and I moved in like it was three days ago not three months ago. It was a tough year. I passed some really difficult things, I could even say I went through hell, to be honest. But now I think I can take a risk and say that it is much better.

Of course, there were some good moments in 2017, I met amazing people, I renewed one friendship, I learned a lot, a lot of changed and some of my dreams came true so I'd like to tell you all about it.

Good moments in 2017

The beginning of 2017 was amazing - I was in London watching the most beautiful fireworks in my entire life. That day first dream came true, but I think you should know about it - I wrote post about it - if you didn't read it yet - if you click here you can read it. 

Another amazing moment was the moment when I found out I get a place at Aberystwyth University. I always wanted to study abroad - in England or the United States, but I knew it was hard to realize and I didn't even tried. But in March 2017 I tried and here I'm now - I'm officially student of Aberystwyth University! In the beginning of the year it didn't come to my mind that I'll study in Wales.

When I get into the uni in Wales I have to move to England. Why England? Because my parents live here. Since June until 22nd September I lived there with them. But finally exactly 22nd September I packed all of my belongings and moved to Aberystwyth. This move was a big step and new beginning for me. New place, new people, new me, my new life. I could start everything again. That day was a really good day, but next months were even much better. 

I was on few parties with my flatmates, we got drunk, we danced all nights and then slept all days but the most important - we had a really good time. 

I visited few places like Portsmouth, London, Brighton, York, Scarborough, Cardiff and of course Aberystwyth (I wrote posts from trips to these places so just click on city and you can read it). 

I also start run my own YouTube channel (link is here)! Most videos are in Polish, but every trip vlog is available in every language (for once in my life I'm quiet and you can enjoy the music and amazing views, landscapes etc). 

I ate a lot of good food (by food I mean pizza), I did a lot of trips there and back, I met with my friends, took thousands photos (some of them you find in this post). 

Amazing people of 2017 & renewed friendship 

Since I remember I had more male friends than female friends. Here I'd like to tell you about two amazing boys. 

The first one I met in Aberystwyth. I've never met someone like him. Because of him I got to know myself. His personality is totally different than mine. We've got totally different viewpoints and opinions, but I think it is a good thing - we can learn from each other, broaden horizonts and we can complement each other. Because of him I realised some things about myself - I like to take a risk, I don't analyse every situation andI don't look for the best solution of it - I do what I feel I should do and I do it. The most time I listen to my heart not mind (like he does). 

Next boy (but not less important) is my middle school friend. For three years of school and then five years in different high schools we talk with each other, but it wasn't that what is now. Now we text with each other every day, get to know each other. To be honest - I thought he was different person, I thought we had nothing in common, but I was wrong. We have a lot of in common, we have similar sense of humor. And I'll meet him in few days, because he'll visit me in Aberystwyth! 

Of course, I can't forget about my best friends. I'm glad we still talk even tough there are so many miles apart. I can't wait to see them and I miss them every day. If I could I'd like to pack them to my suitcase and have them here with me.

What I've learnt in 2017

2017 was a tough lesson I have to learn. But now I'm wiser and I did my homework and here is the list of things I've learnt last year:

Do what you want - don't analyse every situation, don't think what you should or shouldn't do. Take a risk. Do what you feel you should do. Listen to your heart. Do things you're afraid of. Don't think about what people say - it doesn't matter. Do what you want, not your parents, friends, teachers... What society expect you to do.

Appreciate what do you have and people who are around you - you don't know the day when you lost it all. Of course, I hope it won't happen to you. Stop for a while, look around, think about what do you have, appreciate your parents and what they've done for you, appreciate your friends and spend time with them just being young, fool. Don't think about what more you could have. Appreciate what do you have right now, in this very moment, focus on it and enjoy it. 

Say what do you feel - tell your parents you love them and you appreciate what they've done for you even if you don't act like you do. Tell your friends you love them and appreciate their presence. They'll be happy about it. Of course, you can tell the boy/girl you like what do you feel. Take the risk - it may pay off (you will never know if you don't try, just sayin').

Try to understand people - don't judge them if you know only one part of whole story. Don't judge at all. Try to get to know a whole story and then I'll guarantee you'll understand why this person act like this, think like that. You'll know the story behind it and be more understanding. Everyone went through something what changed them. Try to find out why this person is the way he/she is. 

Good things take time  - in the end everything will be alright. I know it sounds pathetic, but you have to believe in it. I did. If, you're going through hell right now you should go towards light. This light is the symbol of better days. They'll come. The worst days won't last forever. You have to wait for better days, but when finally these days will come they are going to be great and you'll be happy you didn't give up. 

Stop waiting for tomorrow, Friday, summer, New Year - tomorrow isn't guaranteed. It's sad, it's terrifying, but it's true. Now you have it all, but you may lose it all one day. Don't take anything as a sure thing. Enjoy today. Appreciate today. Stop wasting your time for waiting for tomorrow, weekend, summer. Start now. Start where you are. 

What've changed in 2017?

The biggest change of 2017 was my move to different country. As I mentioned I live in Aberystwyth, Wales right now. But it didn't happen without a reason - I got into University of Aberystwyth! 

Before, it happened I quit my studies in Poland. Partly because of that I knew I got into uni in Aberystwyth, but the second reason was really personal. 

Also in 2017 my haircut changed and it was a really big change - I cut off my hair and donate them to charity Rak'n'roll. In short hair I feel much better, but having really long hair was kind of my dream and it came true. 

Of course, I've changed too. First time in my life I noticed the change in myself. Because of what I've been through this year, what happened to me, I react differently, not how I used to. I'm more patient, understanding and now I know myself better than a year ago. 

My dreams came true

I've got pretty long bucket list (I've got 55 things). One of the points I've got there is to spend New Years Eve in New York, Paris and Sydney. Of course, I'd like to spend every NYE in different place on Earth. It's my dream since I remember so I end 2016 and begun 2017 in London and I kicked of new year with a dream coming true. 

I know I already write about it few times, but one of my dreams was to study abroad. Well, this dream came true! I never believed it'll happen but it did. Now I know it's worth to give a try and see if it pays off. I didn't have any expectations when I start look for information about studies in UK, but I end up in Wales studying Tourism Management. 

I bought my first DLSR camera - Canon 750D and Michael Kors bag - Jet Set Travel Crossbody. These two things were on my list things to buy since few years and I finally got them! I can say my two little dreams came true.

Since 10th April I finally have braces! Now I'm much more confident about myself. 

You know what? While writing this post I realise 2017 wasn't that bad year as I consider it. Of course, bad things happened and I won't forget them, but I appreciate little things. I believe in little things and they really matter for me. If, one year ago someone told me about Aberystwyth I didn't even know where it is and if someone told me I'll study there I wouldn't believe. 

I hope your 2017 was much better than mine and I hope 2018 will be a brilliant year to all of us! 


  1. Absolutely great post! It really shows how self aware you are to do recap like this. What is more you know how important it is to appreciate all the little things in life, be like this forever, don't ever let anything or anyone change this about you. It is good attribute to have.

  2. fantastic pictures ! :)
    regards :)


  3. Przepiękne zdjęcia, widzę, że sporo się u Ciebie działo :)
    Powodzenia w 2018 roku, życzę samych sukcesów w życiu prywatnym, a także i blogowaniu.
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie!